News TimeLine


October 2017

Patent Pending 

The locking mechanism of our Dronehub unit is officially patent pending. 


August, 2017

Airrow ltd is founded

The company Airrow Ltd is founded by the current CEO, Menachem Fehler, who then went on to begin the patent process for the Dronehub system.  


May, 2017

Stage 1 Prototype COmpleted

The first prototype of the Dronehub was built and tested. Formally known as the Lockness and SCARA system, it successfully performed an automated battery charge of a UAV. 


September, 2016

Research and Refining Idea

During study at Hertfordshire University, the idea was further refined and researched to the point where it was starting to become a bit more than just an idea. 



An Idea

The idea behind Dronehub first came to fruition.