Airrow Ltd has developed an exclusive autonomous robotic battery swapping (prototype) system for drones called Dronehub. Our aim is to push the boundaries of drones using the latest technology thereby increasing their range and endurance far beyond what is currently possible.

    By introducing the Dronehub to the market, not only will the range and endurance of drone flight be increased, but in doing so Dronehub will be improving safety, security and peace of mind. 

    Security Compound Demo.png
    Dronehub Render_2_Web Cover.png

    The Market

    The market includes but isn't limited to:

    • Security
    • Photography/videography 
    • Delivery Systems 
    • Surveying/Mapping 
    • Inspections 
    • Search and Rescue 
    • Air Taxis

    The Future

    We plan to further expand into the growing market of drones and UAVs. With so many opportunities now and in the future, it's easy to get excited about the future of not just the drone industry, but also things in everyday life. With concepts such as autonomous air taxis coming to light, Airrow Ltd intends to make its presence felt in this new industry by providing battery swapping solutions to extend the range of these new aerial vehicles. We also believe our locking mechanism can be utilised for automated cargo and payload systems. 

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt