What is Dronehub?

Dronehub is a fully automated battery swapping mechanism designed to eliminate the limitations of drones that use batteries to power them. A typical drone will only last around 30 minutes in flight in good weather conditions, some drones can even last up to 45 minutes on a single charge. However, this is simply not enough for a lot of potential applications for drones regarding security, delivery as well as search and rescue and some inspection operations. However, with the use of dronehub, it's possible to bypass this limitation of battery powered drones. 

When a drone lands onto a Dronehub an automated system utilising a battery magazine, patent pending locking mechanism and a unique robotic arm switches out the depleted battery from the drone and replaces it with a fully charged battery, allowing the drone to continue its operation with minimum effort and down time. 




24/7 Operation

Previously, consumer drones could only operate for as long as their batteries allowed for. This means that drones as a stand alone product cannot be utilised effectively to their full potential in applications surrounding fields such as security and search and rescue. However, utilising a patent pending locking mechanism alongside a sophisticated battery magazine which charges batteries on the go, Dronehub is able to keep a minimum of two drones operating in rotation 24/7, altogether eliminating the problem of traditional drone operation.

Chart of estimated battery life times (minutes) for various consumer drones 

Chart of estimated battery life times (minutes) for various consumer drones 

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Ultimate Drone Endurance

With the problem of battery charging now in the past, drones can achieve a theoretically unlimited range regarding battery power, with the only limit being the drone itself.  With the limit of the battery removed, it is now more feasible than ever to utilise drones as a viable mode of parcel delivery. With just one Dronehub you can double the range of your drone, or 24/7 operation within your drone's operating range as a radius around Dronehub. Strategic placement of Dronehub units can also allow for operations such as constant and reliable rail line inspection.


Versatility and Secure Storage

We listened to companies and they told us they wanted an enclosed unit to ensure safe and secure operation. This means once your drone has landed onto the landing pad, its safety is maximised as much as possible. The versatility of the Dronehub also allows it to be used in a number of areas. From 24/7 security to filming and continuous inspections, Dronehub will have you covered. To further increase the versatility of the Dronehub, we are looking into integrating micro and standard SD card slots into the battery pack.

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Unlike common existing solutions, Dronehub provides a smart and fully autonomous solution, so no human interaction is required for the battery swapping system. It is able to achieve this using a number of sensors on board the Dronehub in conjunction with a specialised robotic arm which will line up with the drone upon landing. Due to this state of the art autonomy, Dronehub isn't limited to swapping batteries on one specific drone, but rather a wide variety of drones..   


24/7 Operation

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Ultimate Endurance

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Safe and Secure

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