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We extend drone endurance And range
beyond what is currently possible.


At Airrow, we are creating a self-sufficient and smart infrastructure to support and accelerate the future of drones and robotic/autonomous vehicles, by autonomously swapping out their power source and payload. Much like a petrol station for drones, we aim to set the industry standard, accelerate the use of drone technology and cement its place in industry as a viable and diverse form of technology.

To fully accomplish our current goal, we are exploring how the future of city infrastructure can be transformed to interact and support drones and robotic vehicles, not just on a small scale to aid variety of drones such as those specialised for delivery and security, but also on a much larger scale for vehicles such as air taxis.

To help achieve our goal, we have created Dronehub to solve the fundamental core problems of the drone industry. Those that fly drones know that their power source can deplete quickly, and that time between charges makes it a very limited technology. Coupled with manual intervention for battery changes and the current impracticality of drone technology becomes apparent.

However, at the core of Dronehub is a patented locking mechanism, which has been developed and refined over a period of 4 years. This paired up with an autonomous robotic arm utilising state of the art computer vision and Artificial Intelligence, is a product which can remove a drone’s payload/battery without human intervention, while providing a smart platform to aid monitor a drone’s health and provide the customer with peace of mind.

The Dronehub was designed with scalability in mind (and thus provide the perfect foundation for vertiports), allowing the mechanism to work with a variety of drones and batteries, as well as allowing for multiple drones to use a single hub.